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A Morning of Inspiration to Benefit Young Women on the Move

Our Future Depends on Empowered Girls

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Empowering girls may sound like an over-simplified strategy to improve the health and economy of our community, nation and world. Yet, experts the world over agree that GIRLS hold the key to solving some of the world's most complicated problems - even global warming.

When girls here and around the world are empowered to achieve a good education, have access to affordable and equitable health care, are safe, and have opportunities to achieve economic stability, they thrive along with their families and, while they're at it, they build stronger and healthier communities.

Young Women on the Move has been an anchor to hundreds of adolescent girls since 2005. Many of the girls are now young women who continue to prove that it is possible to rise above extremely challenging circumstances to get an education, go to college or enter a trade, and become resilient and self-sufficient.

Your support will help to assure that many more will learn to thrive. As a sponsor of our GIRL emPOWER Breakfast on June 13, you help pave the way for many more girls and young women to become resilient, healthy and capable leaders. Thank you for your support!